Innovation has long been a tenet of our Red Diamond family tradition. We continue to seek out trend-setting ideas in both tea and coffee that help our customers appeal to the latest consumer demands and expectations. From mocktails to cocktails to dessert creations, we offer an array of recipes made perfect with the quality of Red Diamond coffee and tea.

Raspberry Long Island Tea

Certain to be a happy hour favorite, it’s the Long Island Iced Tea made with actual tea, and with added raspberry flavor.

Raspberry Tea Mocktail

This alcohol-free combo of sweetness, citrus and herbaceous mint flavors complements the taste of raspberry tea.

Blueberry Muffin Coffee Supreme

As if Red Diamond® Blueberry Muffin Coffee isn’t decadent enough, dress it up to impress guests or surprise your family.

Maple Harvest Tea

A creamy hot tea that goes great with seasonal scones or pies. Made from Red Diamond® Tea – it’s a full harvest of creamy deliciousness.

HoneySpice Latte

Ask any baker, honey and allspice are the on-trend flavor combination. So what better way to enjoy it than in a delicious, fresh-brewed latte?

Blackberry Tea Sangria

Bring a fresh, sweet and herbaceous accent to this wine-based punch. This twist on the traditional sangria begins with the hottest trend in wine – rosé wine.

Vegan Iced Vietnamese Coffee

It’s the ideal trio of flavors – pecan, coconut and cinnamon – together as the perfect coffee beverage, whether you’re vegan or not. Begin with a glass of sweetened condensed coconut milk topped with ice.

Cocomoko Float

Energy drink? How about an energy dessert? Begin with a frothy base of chocolate syrup, and milk; then add in some nitro cold brew for a caffeinated kick that makes this a deliciously sippable power booster.

Spiced Cold Brew Jell-O

Not your grandma’s jello, unless your grandma’s a real trendsetter. Jello made with Red Diamond® coffee and Fitz Cold Brew Coffee…we’ve seen the future of jello, and it is delicious.