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Spiced Toasted Coconut Cold Brew


October 29, 2020

A refreshing beverage to start off any day (or even as a cooling midday treat). At its core is a kick of Fitz® Cold Brew Blends mixed with coconut and cardamom for extra spiciness. Add maple syrup and top with a layer of salted caramel flavored foam for an Instagram worthy beverage.


8 oz ground coffee (Fitz® Cold Brew Blend)

50 grams toasted unsweetened shredded coconut

2 cardamom pods, cracked

2 qts cold water

1 oz salted caramel

8 oz full-fat coconut milk

Simple syrup

½ oz maple syrup

Ginger powder, for garnish


1Combine ground coffee with coconut and cardamom, and slowly and gently pour in water. Stir just enough to fully combine and moisten ingredients. Refrigerate, and let brew sit for 24 hours before straining through coffee filter.

2Combine salted caramel with coconut milk, sweetened to taste with simple syrup. Pour into whipped cream canister, charge once, shake well, and dispense.

3Fill 16-oz glass halfway with ice. Add 8 oz Spiced Coconut Cold Brew, leaving about an inch at top of glass. Stir in maple syrup. Top with layer of 4 oz foam, and garnish with ginger powder and salted caramel.