While Red Diamond® is an Alabama original, ours is a global story. We play an influential role in our world’s coffee industry as well as in the future of our Earth and for generations to come.


The perfect cup originates from rare air. That’s why Red Diamond sources our coffee beans from only the most pristine, fertile coffee-growing lands. Handpicked by farmers and harvested for field-to-cup perfection, these coffees come from the world’s preferred farms and fields for a story that strongly appeals to today’s coffee aficionados.


Red Diamond is a proud sponsor of 2018 Origin Charity of the Year Winner

In keeping with Red Diamond’s commitment to the world’s coffee communities, we proudly invest in organizations which we believe will improve the economic, social and environmental outlook of the future. We are thrilled to be a four-year sponsor of the National Coffee Association’s 2018 Origin Charity of the Year winner, Grounds for Health.

Women are responsible for up to 70% of the labor involved in growing, harvesting, processing and exporting coffee. The health and wellbeing of these women are vital to the success of their families and communities. Grounds for Health focuses on providing critical cervical cancer prevention services in coffee origin countries. For women in these countries, cervical cancer has a higher mortality rate than any other cancer, and yet this disease is easily detectable and when caught early, highly treatable. With over 90,000 women screened and over 6,700 women treated, GFH is on their way to their vision of “A world in which all women are protected from the threat of cervical cancer by timely and high-quality prevention services.” Red Diamond salutes Grounds For Health for their commitment and we are proud to continue our sponsorship of their effort.


Red Diamond, Inc. is a company committed to continuously improving our sustainability efforts. It is our pledge that when customers purchase our products, they’re supporting a company with a vision for a sustainable future.

Here are some of the positive ways in which the incorporation of improved efficiencies by Red Diamond, Inc. have made a difference.