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Maple Cream Latte


September 19, 2019

A syrupy, sweet AM lift to ease into your day and warm up your spirits. It all begins with High Altitude Papua New Guinea Blend Coffee. Stir in a splash of maple syrup and a bit of pure vanilla extract and top with hot frothed milk. Or serve as a digestif with bourbon- or rum-infused maple syrup.


8 oz. High Altitude Papua New Guinea Blend Coffee, brewed

4 oz. 2% or whole milk (nut or oat milks also)

1 1/2 oz. regular or amber-colored, or spirit-infused, maple syrup (A or B)

1/4 tsp. pure vanilla extract


1Heat the milk in a milk frother, or if you’d prefer, heat it in the microwave and use a small electric frother

2Stir the maple syrup and vanilla into the coffee and finish off with the hot frothed milk