Category: Hot

Raspberry Crème Coffee

A gourmet candy shoppe confection in a cup – you’ll find your customers “aahing” after every sip.

Holiday Coffee Nog

‘Tis the season to give your guests a twist on this traditional beverage that will keep them going throughout the holidays.

Mexican Misto

South-of-the-border spice and traditional Horchata beverage flavor blend perfectly with Red Diamond 100% Arabica® Coffee.

Autumn Harvest Tea

A true comfort tea to help combat the coming cold weather. Begin with a base of juice from a lemon, a drop of honey, slices of ginger, a hint of garlic and a cinnamon stick.

Maple Cream Latte

A syrupy, sweet AM lift to ease into your day and warm up your spirits. It all begins with High Altitude Papua New Guinea Blend Coffee.

Turkish Delight Coffee

Bring some exotic Middle Eastern flair to your coffee cup with this Turkish-style coffee preparation technique.

Red Hot Cinnamon Coffee

Spicy hot or temperature hot? In this case, both. Begin with a spicy cinnamon syrup made of Red Hot® Candies or any cinnamon imperials.

Hot Orange-Fennel Tea

If only every healthful beverage tasted this extraordinary! A soothingly delicious tea with a relaxing scent and slightly bitter aftertaste.

Blueberry Muffin Coffee Supreme

As if Red Diamond® Blueberry Muffin Coffee isn’t decadent enough, dress it up to impress guests or surprise your family.