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Autumn Harvest Tea


September 19, 2019

A true comfort tea to help combat the coming cold weather. Begin with a base of juice from a lemon, a drop of honey, slices of ginger, a hint of garlic and a cinnamon stick. Then cover with steaming Red Diamond Tea®, and let steep to bring out the flavors and curative powers.


20 grams/2 Tbsp. loose Red Diamond® Premium Tea

10 oz. Red Diamond Tea®, brewed and re-heated just to the boil

1 inch fresh ginger

1 clove garlic

1 cinnamon stick, small

½ Tbsp. lemon, juice only

1 Tbsp. honey


1Slice ginger and garlic thin, add the cinnamon stick, and wrap in cheesecloth, if available. If not, add to the mug or cup

2Add the juice from the lemon half to mug or cup, along with the honey

3Cover with the steaming tea, and let steep for 8 minutes

4Remove the aromatics (or leave them in), and sip slowly