Innovation has long been a tenet of our Red Diamond family tradition. We continue to seek out trend-setting ideas in both tea and coffee that help our customers appeal to the latest consumer demands and expectations. From mocktails to cocktails to dessert creations, we offer an array of recipes made perfect with the quality of Red Diamond coffee and tea.

BnB Iced Tea

Iced tea, honey and lavender come together for a taste that helps you escape to a rustic Bed and Breakfast.  Crisp and garden-fresh, make with Silver Service Raspberry Rose floral flavored tea and garnish with lavender pod.

Cassia Coffee

Steep Demerara (a Guyanese brown cane sugar) with cinnamon overnight.   Add it to a tall glass of iced coffee and coconut milk and garnish with a cinnamon stick for a soothingly smooth spiced icy beverage.

The Fiery Joe

It’s not just hot, it’s spicy hot.  Give your coffee a kick by accenting a cup of joe with ancho chili.  Mix in a simple syrup made of brown sugar and cayenne then garnish with a dark chocolate square and dried chili skewer.

Verde Tea

Green tea, lemon and sage honey are steeped overnight to create a bracing blend of favors that take you away to a Mexican beach side cabana. Topped with Topo Chico and add a mint sprig gives it extra pizzazz.

Tiburon Tea

Toasted coconut tea and horchata combine for an exotic beverage with Latin island flair. Topped with cinnamon, it’s an ideal after-dinner delicacy. Go from mocktail to cocktail by adding dark rum.

Blackberry Junip

A tart yet sweet blend of blackberry tea with blackberries, lime and mint spritzed with soda, this refreshing elixir is a great way to bring some vitality to your day. And when evening arrives, add vodka, rum, gin, or whisky for a delicious cocktail.

Charleston Mule

Perfect for sippin’ on a southern porch swing, apricot tea smoothed out with honey and lemon and then shaken up with ginger beer. Bourbon, vodka or rum gives it that extra aaah.

Toasted Coconut Tea with a Kick

A taste of the tropics: soothing Tropical Temptations™ Toasted Coconut Tea with an extra kick of rum for an island escape.

After-a-Long Day Tea

Perfectly spiced to wind down for your night: Silver Service Tea® Earl Grey with turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and more.