Innovation has long been a tenet of our Red Diamond family tradition. We continue to seek out trend-setting ideas in both tea and coffee that help our customers appeal to the latest consumer demands and expectations. From mocktails to cocktails to dessert creations, we offer an array of recipes made perfect with the quality of Red Diamond coffee and tea.

Tea Time Sangria

Tea time and happy hour combine for this delicious beverage blast. Give your sangria even more of a fruity flavor with Silver Service Tropical Blend Tea.

Maple Cream Latte

A syrupy, sweet AM lift to ease into your day and warm up your spirits. It all begins with High Altitude Papua New Guinea Blend Coffee.

Turkish Delight Coffee

Bring some exotic Middle Eastern flair to your coffee cup with this Turkish-style coffee preparation technique.

“Tiramisu” Cold Brew Cocktail

A dessert, a coffee and a cocktail all in one. This combination is a taste sensation that makes even a novice bartender seem like a seasoned mixologist.


Definitely not a teetotaler’s tea – this cocktail is a unique mix of a margarita and good old iced tea.

Red Hot Cinnamon Coffee

Spicy hot or temperature hot? In this case, both. Begin with a spicy cinnamon syrup made of Red Hot® Candies or any cinnamon imperials.

Hot Orange-Fennel Tea

If only every healthful beverage tasted this extraordinary! A soothingly delicious tea with a relaxing scent and slightly bitter aftertaste.

Blueberry Muffin Coffee Syrup

A uniquely delicious topping for pancakes, whole-grain French toast or even ice cream.

Spiced Raspberry Toddy

We put the tea in “toddy” with this deliciously spiced and therapeutic hot beverage. Take the edge off with this delightfully sippable brew.