Tea is the perfect beverage

for today's demands

A Toast – To Meeting Beverage Lovers’ New Year’s Resolutions

No other beverage can tout the array of health benefits quite like tea. In fact, today’s trend toward healthier, more beneficial beverages is a huge driving force in the ever-growing popularity of hot and iced teas. Recent research indicates that sugary sodas and fruit juices will continue to be replaced by drinks that promise energy and nutrition while being formulated with fewer, simpler ingredients and fewer calories. Tea is the natural choice for the growing trend of consumers’ being more conscious of the ingredients that go into everything they drink.1 Not only is tea a superior source of healthy antioxidants, but, because of its caffeine, tea is an ideal natural energy drink as well.

1. Source: Food Ingredient News, 2016

Tea-Is-Not-for-Totalers-AnymoreTea Is Not for Totalers Anymore

Looking for new ways of targeting the ever-elusive millennials? Think tea. The idea that tea is just your grandma’s beverage is long gone. Tea is second only to water as the world’s most popular beverage, and it’s one of the fastest-growing choices of millennials. In fact, 87 percent go as far as to say they prefer tea to other beverages.2 Operators who want to appeal to tea lovers and tea discoverers alike benefit greatly from offering a variety of flavors, in both iced and hot teas. Make certain you keep the tea drinkers coming back by serving only the finest tea selection available.

2. Source: Tea Association of the USA

The Perfect Cup of Tea Every TimeTea-Is-Not-for-Totalers-Anymore

There truly is an art to crafting the ideal cup of tea. The Red Diamond®tea experts know just how important attention to quality is for today’s label-conscious consumers. Red Diamond sources the finest tea from around the world. The leaves are picked with extreme care, and the Red Diamond blend uses more of the actual tea leaf with less of the wood-fiber stem than other tea brands do. This means that Red Diamond consistently delivers 100% pure tea with terrific color, body and a crisp, clean tea taste all at a fair price.

Just Their Cup of Tea – Whatever Flavor They Desire SSTea-cup

Not only do today’s consumers want healthier refreshment, but they also seek greater variety and convenience.3 The tea experts at Red Diamond have kept this fact in mind when developing their line of Silver Service Teas®. Red Diamond Silver Service Teas are premium hot teas designed to please a wide range of tastes. The selection includes Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Hunan Jasmine, Raspberry Rose, Strawberry Peach and more. Silver Service Teas provide operators a great opportunity to explore how tea can help drive their overall beverage sales. Tea is booming! Make sure your tea sales boom along with it.

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