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Alabama Bushwacker Cold Brew Cocktail

Alabama Cold Brew Bushwacker

Learn how to create a delicious Cold Brew Bushwacker for your bar menu.  A refreshing drink that's perfect for any restaurant, any time of year.

Cold Brew Old Fashioned

Cold Fashioned (Cold Brew Old Fashioned)

Give your guests a cool twist on a classic cocktail when you combine our refreshing Fitz cold brew with the timeless and delicious flavors of a bourbon Old Fashioned.

Black Cherry Cold Brew

Black Cherry Cold Brew Float

Our Black Cherry Cold Brew Float is flavorful and uses Fitz Cold Brew as a smooth base ingredient. Great on its own, or spike each serving with a splash of coffee liquor or bourbon for a fun after dinner dessert cocktail.

Drunken Raspberry Nitro Cold Brew

Drunken Raspberry Nitro Cold Brew

Make your afternoon cold brew extra special with a dash of Kahlua and raspberry served with donuts for an extra special treat.

Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea

Southern Strawberry Sweet Tea

A great use for the leftover strawberry pulp would be divide it among an ice cube tray, add water, freeze and use in your favorite drink for a fruity addition!

Salted Turtle Frappe

Salted Turtle Frappé

While some might consider salted caramel and chocolate to be the perfect combination, add southern pecan coffee into the equation and you have yourself an unforgettable drink.

Spiced Cold Brew Jell-O

Not your grandma’s jello, unless your grandma’s a real trendsetter. Jello made with Red Diamond® coffee and Fitz Cold Brew Coffee…we’ve seen the future of jello, and it is delicious.

Cold Brew Float

A seasonal treat to make your holidays more flavorful. Beverage meets dessert with this combination of Fitz Cold Brew Coffee™ with vanilla gelato.  Add some cinnamon and nutmeg for more festive fun.

Hazelnut-Cold Brew Fitz

Get your daily Fitz by adding some nutty, salty deliciousness to the bold coffee flavor of Fitz Cold Brew Coffee™. Combine almond milk, sugar and Nutella® hazelnut spread with our perfectly crafted cold brew, and blend to a nutty frothiness. Serve over ice for a drink that could double as a dessert.