At Red Diamond®, we are driven by an obsession to provide a world-class coffee and tea experience. Since 1906, the cornerstone of our company has been our commitment to unparalleled quality, innovation and customer service.

Why the name ‘Red Diamond’?

Simple. What began as a family company named “Donovan Provision Company” quickly converted into a premier maker and provider of quality coffees and teas. So, as to ensure the family’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, in 1908 when the company began roasting coffee, William Donovan named the coffee after the highest gem in existence: the red diamond. By the 1990s, we fully embraced Red Diamond as our official company name. Yes, a bit of bravado in such a name, but even more so, it was the standard set for generations to follow. A tenet to always strive for perfection. One that we meet daily in everything we do.

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Where you’ll find Red Diamond

Red Diamond Coffee and Tea is distributed across the country to nearly every state. Wherever you are, you can offer the undeniably great taste and Red Diamond perfection to your customers.

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