How a.m. sales can

drive all-day profits


Why it’s important to Master the Morning

How your operation starts each morning can greatly influence the success and momentum of the rest of your day. One of the surest ways to start your day strong is to provide a flawless breakfast experience. “Prior to COVID, breakfast was the only foodservice daypart showing growth,” says Emily Wood Bowron, vice president of strategic marketing at Red Diamond Coffee and Tea. “While no one can predict exactly what the future food landscape will look like, it’s hard to imagine consumers giving up their morning routines for good.” Establishing yourself as part of that routine gets you on consumers’ radars for any meal choice – whether dining in or eating off-premise. And as operations begin to see more people returning to dine in, it’s also a way to ensure you are part of the future breakfast boom as well.  According to Bowron, “It’s important you make their first impression perfect to keep them coming back any time of day. Any day of the week.”


The first cup of coffee can make the day

The right coffee can often be make-or-break for your breakfast clientele. In America especially, consumers depend on coffee with 63% of the population aged 18+ saying they drank coffee in the past day. Overall, 65% of US adults consumed coffee during the breakfast daypart. To be an everyday destination means never disappointing. Consistency in quality is imperative across a variety of formats; from your basic hot or iced coffees to single origin coffees, gourmet coffees, cappuccinos and cold brew coffee. “Skimping on your coffee can leave a bad taste in customers’ mouths – both literally and figuratively,” says Bowron. “Partnering with a supplier who offers a portfolio of meticulously crafted coffees is key. Coffee drinkers know what quality tastes like and won’t settle for less.” Those coffee drinkers are also the very same consumers whose daily coffee fix can translate into daily or weekly meal fixes as well.


Coffee is a high margin opportunity

According to Bowron, “You don’t make money on coffee by saving on cost. You make money by selling more of it – and that requires offering a great cup.” Not only can the perfect blend spur sales and create repeat customers, coffee is a high-margin item, so a successful coffee program means a healthier bottom line. Things to look for when selecting your coffee program are on-trend, single-origin coffees that offer a distinct flavor and engaging story as well. Also, flavored coffees are a great way to let customers enjoy something they may not have at home. Offering a cold brew coffee option helps appeal to the younger generations. “You can also capitalize on your coffee in a variety of creative ways as well,” says Bowron. “Consider LTOs and seasonal offerings as ‘get it before it’s gone’ traffic generators.” By working directly with providers and developing a plan, you can make certain the coffee you serve and the ways in which you offer it can help drive sales all day long. Find out how Red Diamond can be your ideal partner and discover Red Diamond’s full line of premium coffees. Click here.

Source: NCA 2019