Try out a new recipe during the

Christmas Holidays!

This incredibly cheesy and rich Macaroni and Cheese recipe will make everyone’s new favorite dish list this year! Don’t worry, it has been put to the test!

Five Cheese Mac-N-Cheese
with Panko Crust


Winter serves as the perfect time to test out some new recipes including some of these delicious produce items!
Produce that is at its peak during the winter months are: Apples, Cabbage, Collard Greens, Grapefruit, Kale, Navel Oranges, Persimmons, and Winter Squashes.

Try out some new different produce items and new recipes this season!

Squash And Kale Toasts

by John Kernick from Delish

Use this idea as a new winter appetizer on the menu or at home! Kale and Squash are both in season which means this will be a fresh and flavor filled dish for your guests to try!


White Chocolate and
Raspberry Bread Pudding

by Chef Vizzina

This is one of our favorite desserts here at Red Diamond!


For more information on produce please visit
Farmers Market Authority of the State of Alabama

Coffee and Tea

Come home for the holidays with Red Diamond!

The Holidays are almost here and that means it’s time for fabulous flavored coffees and cappuccinos! Treat your customers to the rich, nutty aromatic holiday coffees or cappuccinos from Red Diamond.

We have three wonderful flavors this season that are perfect for your holiday offering: Southern Pecan, Highlander Grog and classic Hazelnut.  Southern Pecan has a lovely toasted, nutty, soft buttery flavor with an aroma to match. Highlander Grog has a sweet butterscotch flavor, a delicious unique combination of two classics – hazelnut and vanilla. Hazelnut is always a favorite, this smooth rich coffee or cappuccino, roasted to perfection delivers a nutty mellow cup every time.

These are no simple coffees. They are complex with delicate flavor layers, perfect for the coffee lover who enjoys a flavored cup, but longs for something special. All are available in cappuccino, fraction packages and Highlander Grog is also available in single serve pods. Contact your Red Diamond representative for samples and information (800) 292-4651.

Click here to find out more about Red Diamond and the excellent products we offer!


Chef Vizzina’s Corner

Red Diamond’s Corporate Executive Chef

Stay warm this winter with a

Hot Peach Tea

made with Red Diamond’s Darjeeling
Silver Service Tea®

Try making the tea as a mock-tail or a cocktail too!