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Blackberry Junip


February 24, 2018

A tart yet sweet blend of blackberry tea with blackberries, lime and mint spritzed with soda, this refreshing elixir is a great way to bring some vitality to your day. And when evening arrives, add vodka, rum, gin, or whisky for a delicious cocktail.



Simple Syrup

Lime Juice

Soda Water

Mint Leaves

Mint Sprig

Red Diamond® Blackberry Tea

Optional: Vodka, Rum, Gin, or Whisky


1Mix 3 ounces of brewed sweet apricot tea with 3 muddled blackberries

2Add 0.5 ounce of simple syrup

3Add 0.5 ounce of lime juice

45 mint leaves together in a tin, add 4 ounces of brewed blackberry tea. Shake and strain into a glass

5Top with soda, add mint sprig and berry for garnish

6Add 2 ounces of vodka, rum, gin or whisky