Red Diamond®, Inc. is a company committed to continuously improving our sustainability efforts. It is our pledge that when customers purchase our products, they’re supporting a company with a vision for a sustainable future.


Meet Gustavo Granados – a true personification of Red Diamond’s commitment to those who value the earth and all that it produces.

Gustavo owns a coffee farm in the town of Socorro, Colombia. Called Las Delicias, his farm is one of only a lucky handful able to take advantage of the pristine coffee-growing conditions in this area. The high altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level and average temperatures in the mid-eighties ensure that his coffee cherries are grown with abundant shade, while rainy periods keep his soil moist and oxygenated. Gustavo begins his work early to avoid the mid-day sun. Together, Gustavo and his family harvest between 3,000 and 4,000 bags of coffee each year.

When the Granadoses’ crop is ready, the ripest cherries are picked, carefully processed, and shipped to our roasting facility in Moody, AL. Gustavo sends a sample from his farm, in advance, to verify that its quality meets our standards. Finally, we use our world-class Scolari roaster to evenly roast the beans – never scorching or burning – to bring out the unique characteristics and flavors for a perfect cup, every time.

Our commitment to perfection is reflected in Gustavo. He and his family have spent generations dedicated to the art of coffee-growing with the kind of commitment and professionalism that, for years, has made the Granadoses one of Red Diamond’s valued coffee providers. Just another way Red Diamond ensures that your coffee will be a grade above the rest.


Here are some of the positive ways in which the incorporation of improved efficiencies by Red Diamond, Inc. have made a difference.