Partner With Industry Insiders to Ensure Success

Partner With Industry Insiders to Ensure Success

lady-tastesGiven today’s climate and concerns, it’s no wonder that off-premise dining continues to grow.  Even as things improve and some restaurants reopen, 50% of consumers say they will probably continue to opt for dining at home over dining out.1 But as off-premise dining gains in popularity, one area that often is overlooked in takeout and delivery is high-margin beverages. How can operators best integrate their beverage program for the changing consumer demands and evolving landscape? “With such a volatile environment, partnering with providers who go beyond just supplying products is critical for success,” says Emily Wood Bowron, VP of Strategic Marketing at Red Diamond® Coffee and Tea. “Industry insiders have their pulse on insights and trends and should be sharing that knowledge to help operators pivot and develop new strategies.

Innovate new approaches to satisfy at-home beverage demands

beverage-offeringsMany beverage insiders like those at Red Diamond are finding ways to keep their clients up-to-date, informed and inspired to make their off-premise offerings a success. The fact that 76% of consumers do not order a beverage on delivery orders2 only reinforces the need to adapt how off-premise beverages are marketed and served.  One of the most efficient and effective ways to create takeout success is by streamlining and adapting for a takeout-specific menu. When it comes to beverages, consider providing single-serve bottle options. Also, make sure your beverages are multifunctional, either serve them on their own or as a base in a signature cocktail.

Make beverages part of the big picture

More and more operators are working with their beverage suppliers to make large-sized offerings a part of a family-meal or full-meal offer. Utilizing bulk to-go gallon bags and gallon jugs are a great way to make family-sized beverages part of meal bundle deals. Even c-stores are integrating gallon-sized coffee containers into their operations. “Another way to make customers’ at-home dining experiences more enjoyable is to offer creative coffee and tea beverages that let them bring a coffee house feel to their homes.” suggest Bowron. “Ask your coffee and tea provider for easy-to-craft recipes and consider always making the experience more enjoyable by providing syrups, fresh fruit garnishes, and fun toppings.”


Two keys for adding beverages to any order

frozen-teaAccording to Bowron, “Perhaps the simplest (and most overlooked) way to secure beverage orders is to remind your service team to always suggest coffee and tea as a prompt before checking out.” Ultimately, however, it’s the quality of the beverages operators offer that plays the key role in making any off-premise meal experience a sure hit. By working directly with providers and developing a plan, beverages such as coffee and tea no longer have to take a backseat when it comes to off-premise dining. Find out how Red Diamond can help satisfy customers in the to-go dining era. Plus, discover the Red Diamond full line of premium coffees and teas, perfectly crafted to satisfy customers anywhere they dine. Click here.



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