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The hottest thing in Coffee – Red Diamond® Cold Brew Coffee is here!

Serve your customers what they crave – cold, smooth, rich, refreshing coffee with more caffeine kick and less acidity. Our cold brew coffee blend is designed specifically to be used in this process that brings out the distinctive characteristics of the bean, resulting in a full bodied coffee with a rich, sweet taste, and a hint of nutty flavor. Our 100% Arabica beans are hand picked, sun dried and roasted to perfection with cold brew in mind. Unique and in demand, Cold Brew Coffee appeals to Millennials who are changing the way we drink coffee. Out-of-home coffee is big with this consumer group and Cold Brew Coffee is the must have! At Red Diamond, we are driven by an obsession to provide a world-class coffee and tea experience. Since 1906, the cornerstone of our company has been our commitment to unparalleled quality, innovation and customer service. Expect Perfection®. Contact us to see how Red Diamond® can help grow your beverage sales. Visit