Meet seasonal tastes with these coffees perfected especially for the fall and winter seasons.

Pumpkin Harvest

Serve up warmth and comfort with this seasonal favorite: a perfect medium roast coffee with the lightly spiced flavors of a pumpkin pie.


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  • Convenience store coffee
  • Restaurant coffee service

Picked For Its Perfection

We begin with the world’s best coffee beans, high grown, new crop, and 100% Arabica.  We then develop the smooth, rich taste of our Estate Coffees in a variety of roasts and flavors, from Gourmet Reserve and Italian Roast to French Vanilla and Southern Pecan.

Gourmet Reserve

This unique blend of gourmet coffee is composed of selections from the finest coffee estates in the world. This coffee provides all the richness, exhilarating aroma and smooth taste you expect from a truly superb cup of coffee.

Silver Service

A 100% Arabica three bean bend delicately roasted for a lighter cup with balanced flavor and a smooth finish.

Blonde Roast

This mellow, light roasted coffee is smooth and pleasing with a variety of fruit notes. Enjoy a flavorful cup with a pleasant, balanced finish.


This medium roast, from the mountains of Colombia is at once strong and smooth with a rich aroma, medium body and a sweet finish.

Dark Roast

This classic 100% Arabica blend is the perfect dark roast coffee, delivering an amazing aroma and a rich balanced cup with a lovely smooth finish. It stands up to sugar and cream to perfection.

French Roast

Red Diamond’s version of this classic coffee. Our French Roast is the “lightest” of our dark roasted coffees. Full-bodied with a smooth finish.

European Roast

This dark roasted coffee delivers bold flavor with a clean finish. The sultry aroma will please and it stands up to sugar and cream to perfection.

Italian Roast

Our darkest roast, it boasts a smoky aroma. The cup is complex, rich and full-bodied with a roasty flavor.


This medium roast coffee has all of the body and flavor of a perfect cup, without the caffeine. We use the finest decaffeination process available today, natural carbon dioxide, tto remove 97% of the caffeine but none of the great coffee taste.

French Vanilla

This coffee begins with a smooth blend of high quality Arabica beans that have been carefully selected to enhance the delicate vanilla flavoring. The result is a delightful coffee that's just right for any occasion.


This coffee is a blend of the finest Arabica beans flavored with a gentle touch of hazelnut. Its unique flavor makes this coffee an ideal accompaniment to your favorite dessert, as well as a perfect cup to enjoy alone.

Highlander Grog

Highlander Grog has a sweet butterscotch flavor, along with a delightful combination of hazelnut and whiskey flavor.

Jamaican Me Crazy

This delightful coffee tastes like a combination of tropical fruit mixed with smooth, dark island rum flavors. Be Happy.

Southern Pecan

This coffee has a toasted, nutty, soft buttery flavor with aroma to match. It is as rich and decadent as the perfect southern pecan pie.