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Red Hot Cinnamon Coffee


September 19, 2019

Spicy hot or temperature hot? In this case, both. Begin with a spicy cinnamon syrup made of Red Hot® Candies or any cinnamon imperials. Add the syrup and some heavy cream to High Altitude Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee Blend for a taste sensation with an extra kick of hot.


Red Hot Syrup

1/2 cup Red Hot Cinnamon Candies

1/2 cup water

Red Hot Cinnamon Coffee

1 cup Red Diamond High Altitude™ Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee (freshly brewed and hot)

1 oz. red hot syrup

1 tbsp heavy cream


Red Hot Syrup

1Combine all, and bring to simmer to dissolve the candies, and reduce by ½

Red Hot Cinnamon Coffee

1Combine ingredients and enjoy!