Perfection in Programs That Help Drive Success.

Equipment and Channel Expertise

Red Diamond continually perfects our process by coupling excellent products with top-level support to restaurants, hotels, offices, convenience stores, healthcare facilities and other purveyors of food and beverages. We install, maintain and service a variety of equipment that’s fine-tuned to deliver the great tastes built into our coffee and tea products. We want our service to improve your bottom line. Properly installed and serviced equipment yields a consistent customer experience from visit to visit. Our customers tell us that consistency and quality are keys to profitability and why they continually turn to Red Diamond for their Coffee and Tea Service needs.
Equipment Examples
Point-Of-Sale Examples
Captivating Point-Of-Sale

Red Diamond’s Point of Sale Program helps drive traffic, build excitement and create trial. Our POS offerings include a variety of designs in different colors and displays designed to work well in any size setting. Every piece is coordinated, devised to promote sales and enhance your store with unified decorative elements. Red Diamond offers proven plans for promoting your offerings throughout the year, with consideration for the season and sales trend. Select eye-catching designs in everything from back wall and door designs to window signs, pump signs, danglers and wraps.

Create the perfect tea-infused drinks

How can you appeal to a wider range of cocktail and mocktail drinkers? Integrate two of the fastest-growing trends around: tea and exotic flavors.

Our Tropical Temptations tea is the perfect base for the next addition to your beverage menu — helping you meet the growing demand for tea-infused cocktails. With eight sun-drenched flavors, we deliver just the exotic twist you’ve been missing.

Let Red Diamond’s own Chef Chris show you two exciting ways to craft tea-infused creations.

Blackberry Basil Mocktail Blackberry Basil Mocktail

Toasted Coconut With Rum Toasted Coconut With Rum