• Offer premium-quality coffees and teas (for example, Red Diamond’s High Altitude™ Coffees) for a beverage experience similar to when dining out.
  • Upselling is simple. Suggest coffee or tea as a prompt before checking out an order.
  • Cater to consumer awareness by promoting the use of single-origin coffees and coffee-origin stories.
  • To enrich their experience, provide multi-cup trays, hot drink stoppers, wrapped straws and swizzle sticks.
    • Increase order sizes and appeal to families by bundling gallon-sized teas as part of a full-meal offer (see sample coupon). Speak with your supplier about to-go packaging options.

  • Offer single-serve bottled beverages like Red Diamond Tea, Fitz™ Cold Brew Coffee or Fortify® Cold Brew Tea to appeal to a desire for portability.