How Millennials Are Changing The Way We Drink

Out-Of-Home Coffee Is Big With Millennials

Younger consumers are more likely to consume coffee out-of-home than older consumers.

Age: 18-39
Age: 40+

Source: National Coffee Association

Millennials Are Driving Today’s Tea Boom

Because of its health benefits, more and more millennials are opting for tea as their go-to beverage.

Millennials who prefer tea:
Overall tea sales are forecast to double over next five years.

Source: Tea Association of the U.S.A. 

How to produce the ideal coffee flavor and drinking experience.

CLICK HERE for the Coffee Brewing Control chart, developed through years of research and testing by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.



Coffee Continues To Rule

According to National Coffee Association:

Over 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day. This represents over 150 million daily drinks.

30% of the population drinks coffee occasionally.

Coffee stats show that among coffee drinkers the average consumption in the US is 3.1 cups of coffee per day.

26% say they drink one cup on a day, 19% drink two, 8% drink three, 11% drink four or more. The remaining 36% drink none.

More Coffee Facts

Source: National Coffee Association