Convenience Stores Are Popular Coffee Destinations

lady-tastesToday’s Hottest New Coffee House – Your C-Store

As more and more convenience stores are upgrading their coffee offerings, today’s on-the-go society is making Convenience stores their coffee destination. These consumers aren’t just buying on impulse; they are making stops at their C-store part of their daily routine. In fact, according to NACS, 79% of today’s coffee-buying decisions happen even before the convenience store enters their sight.1 Ultimately, it’s the quality of a store’s coffee products and coffee program that influences whether or not these customers make repeat visits and eventually become store regulars.

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frozen-teaCoffee is one of the highest areas of profitability for C-Stores.

According to recent studies by Red Diamond® Coffee & Tea in Birmingham, AL, when it comes to a convenience store’s bottom line, offering top-quality coffee is key. Not only does it create repeat customers, C-stores with excellent coffee ratings actually garner 12.5% more foot traffic than their competitors.2 With today’s consumer being heavily influenced by word of mouth, what customers say about the coffee can help operators build their customer base. To ensure success, it is imperative for convenience stores to offer a coffee program complete not only with top-grade coffee, but also with the quality equipment and merchandising to elevate the coffee-buying experience.

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beverage-offeringsYounger consumer drive out-of-home coffee sales

Forty-six percent of 18- to 39-year-olds drink coffee out of home. Compare that to just 26% of those aged 40 plus.3 These younger demographics demand higher-quality coffee options in a variety of blends and formats. Artisanal drinks like cold brew and other specialty coffees make convenience stores even more of a coffee destination for those who previously only considered a coffee house as their destination of choice.4 Add-ins like flavored syrups and creamers allow these coffee drinkers to customize their coffee, and offering these entices them to come back to try out more options (or combinations) that cater to their tastes.

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Perfectly crafted on-the-go coffee is the key.

Partnering with the right coffee provider is the surest way to drive customers in for their daily cup. With today’s discerning coffee drinkers, the quality of the coffee you serve is the make-or-break difference on whether they continue to frequent your store. Companies like Red Diamond Coffee and Tea are continuing to meet today’s demands by offering a variety of fully developed coffee brands. Expertly roasted for coffee-house quality, Red Diamond’s coffees are new-crop, high-grown beans, and crafted to perfection in small batches. This commitment to perfection exists with all of Red Diamond’s coffee products: High Altitude coffee, Estate brand and other flavored coffees, and now new Fitz Cold Brew CoffeeTM. Plus, Red Diamond offers coffee program solutions designed specifically for your convenience store’s success. Red Diamond has a passion for building your beverage business and is committed to providing unparalleled quality and innovation. Learn more about our quality coffee.