The evolving role of beverages for today's c-store operations


Partner With Industry Insiders to Ensure Success

Given today’s climate and concerns, it’s no wonder that “to-go” has become the “go-to.” Even as things improve and some restaurants reopen, 50% of consumers say they will probably continue to opt for dining at home over dining out.1 C-store operators should be prepared to serve their customers best in this new climate. “With such a volatile environment, partnering with providers who go beyond just supplying products is critical for success,” says Emily Wood Bowron, VP of Strategic Marketing at Red Diamond® Coffee and Tea. “Industry insiders have their pulse on insights and trends and should be sharing that knowledge to help operators pivot and develop new strategies.”


Innovate new approaches to satisfy coffee and tea drinkers

With the changes in daily routines – less time on the roads, fewer trips to various shopping outlets – it’s imperative that c-stores offer the beverage and food items that will continue to attract customers. One thing to keep in mind with today’s changes is that consumers may be less likely to use self-serve stations. This is where promoting your full-service counter comes in handy. Handcrafted beverages command a higher price, and consumers are still able to customize their coffee and tea to their liking. Driving coffee and tea drinkers to your cold vault is a great option. Many quality coffees and teas are offered in single-serve bottles for those who still want their beverage of choice. “Considering that today’s health-conscious consumers are moving away from sodas and sugary drinks, single-serve coffees and teas are a great option,” says Bowron. “But, as always, the quality of the product is even more important than the convenience and peace of mind single-serve packaging provides. Consumers know that Red Diamond’s Ready-to-Drink bottles are brewed from the same premium blend as our fresh-brewed tea.”


Adapting to changing shopper habits

There have been many in the industry who anticipate that for the foreseeable future, more shoppers will be seeking out traditional retail items at c-stores to avoid higher trafficked operations. Make sure you offer these customers the essential food and beverage items to drive repeat visits. As people move away from self-serve items, offering beverages like coffee by the bag or can and offering tea by the carton or gallon is a smart way to meet customer demands.




The quality of your beverage offerings will always be key

According to Bowron, “Ultimately it’s the quality of the beverages you offer that play the key role in ensuring your overall success.” This is confirmed by the fact that 89% of consumers say that beverage quality plays a critical role in their decision to patronize a c-store.2 “By working directly with your providers and developing a plan,” adds Bowron, “the coffee and tea you serve can play a huge role in ensuring that your customers make you a part of their daily routines.” Find out how Red Diamond provides the service and products to guarantee your success. Click here.

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