The Allure Of A Powerful Brand Story

Does your coffee tell an enticing tale?

lady-tastesToday, aroma and flavor aren’t the only elements that draw coffee lovers to the coffee you serve. Sharing a unique brand story can be one of the most alluring ways to generate excitement and action among modern coffee drinkers. According to Bill Bowron, CEO of Red Diamond® Coffee and Tea, “In today’s food and beverage culture, consumers are strongly invested in brands that are committed to the sourcing and crafting of their products.” To appeal to such consumers, it is imperative to offer coffees that fall within the parameters of specialty or “gourmet.” Coffees noted as “high grown,” “handpicked” and “grown in rare air” have a strong appeal, especially among the burgeoning 35-and-under coffee-drinking crowd.

The search for ‘specialty.’

frozen-teaWhen telling a coffee’s brand story, it’s important to let people know where it all begins. What regions or mountain ranges does the coffee bean come from? Who are the people that make it a reality? The new culture of coffee, often referred to as “the third wave of coffee,” considers coffee as an artisanal food item. How coffees are sourced and crafted is key. In fact, for the first time in the history of coffee, more than half of daily coffee consumption in America is gourmet. Since 1999, the amount of gourmet coffee consumed in America has risen from 9% to 41%.1

1. Specialty Coffee Association via Forbes, 2017.

The art of coffee.

beverage-offeringsWhere the beans come from is only the beginning. How quickly they are shipped and how they are blended, roasted and eventually brewed also play an integral role in conveying a true sense of artisanship. Take for example Red Diamond. The beans used to make Red Diamond coffees are hand-picked from some of the world’s finest estates. Then, Red Diamond uses state-of-the-art Scolari equipment so that the beans are roasted to the ideal profile for that specific blend or origin. The finished product is evenly roasted, never charred, and crafted to bring out a unique, refreshing flavor and aroma for each coffee. Every batch is made-to-order and packed into fractional packs with the latest de-gassing technology to ensure the freshest, highest-quality product available in the market.

Do you have an intriguing coffee story to share?

frozen-teaWhen you partner with a company like Red Diamond, you have all the elements to craft a captivating coffee story to rival even the trendiest coffee houses. Red Diamond is one of the country’s leading experts in the sourcing and roasting of high-grown, specialty and single-origin coffees. Red Diamond’s High Altitude Premium Coffees™ are sourced from farming communities who maintain the same attention to detail as the people at Red Diamond, with the field-to-cup stories to prove it. Each has its own signature flavor, from the Sumatra Kuda Mas blend, to the Bucaramanga Colombian, to the Huehuetenango Guatemalan. Creating a memorable customer experience begins by using top-quality products like Red Diamond and Red Diamond High Altitude Premium Coffees. Learn more.