Category: Iced

Blackberry Tea Sangria

Bring a fresh, sweet and herbaceous accent to this wine-based punch. This twist on the traditional sangria begins with the hottest trend in wine – rosé wine.

Vegan Iced Vietnamese Coffee

It’s the ideal trio of flavors – pecan, coconut and cinnamon – together as the perfect coffee beverage, whether you’re vegan or not. Begin with a glass of sweetened condensed coconut milk topped with ice.

Cocomoko Float

Energy drink? How about an energy dessert? Begin with a frothy base of chocolate syrup, and milk; then add in some nitro cold brew for a caffeinated kick that makes this a deliciously sippable power booster.

Spiced Cold Brew Jell-O

Not your grandma’s jello, unless your grandma’s a real trendsetter. Jello made with Red Diamond® coffee and Fitz Cold Brew Coffee…we’ve seen the future of jello, and it is delicious.

Caramel Thai Iced Coffee

The spices of chai complemented with the smoothness of caramel. Brew Red Diamond® Coffee with cardamom for that pure Thai flavor, and serve chilled. Add in caramel and sweet milk for a twist on this favorite.

Fizzy Palmers

For the sporty set – a sparklingly refreshing beverage with iced tea-flavored ice cubes, lemonade, club soda and simple syrup. We’ll raise you a glass, Mr. Palmer.

Strawberry Peach & Rose Petal Tea

Add to the elegance of afternoon tea with this stately creation. Begin with Red Diamond’s® Silver Service Strawberry Peach Tea with a flourish of rose’ and serve in a chilled champagne flute, garnished with rose petals.

The Southerner’s Peach Tea

It doesn’t get more Southern than iced tea and fresh peaches, unless you mix in some brandy. For a twist on your afternoon glass, mix Red Diamond’s Simple Sweet Tea™ with peach- flavored brandy in a mason jar and garnish with a brûléed peach skin.

Coconut de Leches Frappe

Enjoy a glass of irresistible indulgence. Begin with Tropical Temptations® Toasted Coconut Tea and sweetened coconut milk. Serve cooled over ice and top it off with a caramel sauce drizzle and toasted coconut – the macaroon you can sip.