Category: Cocktails/Mocktails

Blackberry Refresher

Fresh from the vine flavor. This variation of an Italian soda can be made as a mocktail or prosecco-based cocktail.

Shareable Tea Punch (Pimm’s Riff)

Meet the growing demand for seasonable, shareable mocktails with this sublime blend of Tropical Temptations™ Blackberry Tea and grenadine.

Cold Brew Martini

Cold Brew with a kick. An exotic island eye-opener, with Dark Rum, Bailey’s and Fitz Cold Brew Coffee. Shaken not stirred.

After-Dinner Drink

A deliciously soothing way to wrap up any dinner (or to enjoy any time): Fitz Cold Brew Coffee with Bourbon.

Cold Brew Vanilla Latte

A coffeehouse cocktail – it’s a White Russian for the Cold Brew crowd: vodka, cream and Fitz Cold Brew Coffee.

Whiskey, Blood Orange, Cold Brew Cocktail

Think Southern sunset on an oaken porch swing- an irresistible blend of Fitz Cold Brew Coffee and whiskey.

Irish Coffee

A bit o’ the Irish. This traditional pub staple is made even richer and tastier when you use Red Diamond®.