Category: Cocktails/Mocktails

Pink Salty Dog Cocktail

Enjoy our refreshing spin on this classic cocktail by adding Red Diamond Green Tea.

“Tiramisu” Cold Brew Cocktail

A dessert, a coffee and a cocktail all in one. This combination is a taste sensation that makes even a novice bartender seem like a seasoned mixologist.


Definitely not a teetotaler’s tea – this cocktail is a unique mix of a margarita and good old iced tea.

Spiced Raspberry Toddy

We put the tea in “toddy” with this deliciously spiced and therapeutic hot beverage. Take the edge off with this delightfully sippable brew.

Raspberry Long Island Tea

Certain to be a happy hour favorite, it’s the Long Island Iced Tea made with actual tea, and with added raspberry flavor.

Raspberry Tea Mocktail

This alcohol-free combo of sweetness, citrus and herbaceous mint flavors complements the taste of raspberry tea.

The Southerner’s Peach Tea

It doesn’t get more Southern than iced tea and fresh peaches, unless you mix in some brandy. For a twist on your afternoon glass, mix Red Diamond’s Simple Sweet Tea™ with peach- flavored brandy in a mason jar and garnish with a brûléed peach skin.

Presto Espresso Martini

A simply delicious martini with the chill of vodka and the kick of Red Diamond® Espresso. It’s the martini for the caffeination crowd, finished with a touch of sugar and garnished with cinnamon.

Blackberry Junip

A tart yet sweet blend of blackberry tea with blackberries, lime and mint spritzed with soda, this refreshing elixir is a great way to bring some vitality to your day. And when evening arrives, add vodka, rum, gin, or whisky for a delicious cocktail.