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Coffee Obsession – Cold Brew

The cold brew coffee boom is here The-cold-brew-coffee

In today’s ever-evolving beverage culture, meeting on-trend demands can be a daily challenge. People are seeking more than just new flavors; they crave new formats, new textures and new sensory thrills. This is especially true of millennials.1 Appealing to this influential market is critical and requires partnering with beverage experts who have their fingers on the pulse of what tomorrow’s in-demand beverage might be.

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Coffee-craftsmanshipCoffee craftsmanship to rival makers of wine and beer

Eighty-seven percent of millennials are tea drinkers.Consumer interest in specially crafted drinks is on the rise. This holds true for coffee too. The popularity of cold brew coffee is an integral part of today’s third wave coffee movement – one focused on appreciating the subtleties and the craft of different beans, roasting technologies and styles. According to experts, successful coffees are harvested, roasted and brewed with the same meticulousness as that of a fine wine or craft beer.2   What makes cold brew coffee so special? The cold brew process brings out the distinctive characteristics of the bean with a smooth, non-acidic taste. This, along with its subtle sweetness, attracts new drinkers and converts old ones into even bigger coffee fans.

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The-millennial-impact-on-cold-brew-coffeeThe millennial impact on cold brew coffee

What makes millennials so influential in this recent boom? For starters, younger consumers are more likely to consume coffee out-of-home at a rate of 46% versus 26% of older consumers.3 Millennials are also the core contingency of today’s third wave of coffee brewing. This move away from traditional coffee to new trends is exploding in big cities and spreading in popularity among young out-of-home coffee consumers.4

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tastes-can-tell-the-differenceToday’s discriminating tastes can tell the difference

Today’s consumers know quality. They study brand stories. They embrace brands that represent a commitment to the art of coffee. Most of all, they can taste the quality. Coffee companies with a proven record of innovation and consumer insights are ensuring the cold brew craze isn’t just a fad. “The art of crafting any coffee will always depend on a commitment to sourcing the finest beans and roasting them to perfection”, says Red Diamond CEO, Bill Bowron. “The cold brew method is based on these same tenets.” When it comes to cold brew, Red Diamond uses the same meticulous approach that’s gone into perfecting all of their coffees for over 111 years. As a testament to that commitment to perfection, they’ve even named their new product after their founder William “Fitz” Donovan. “Our FitzTM Cold Brew is specially blended for the cold brew process to deliver a cold, smooth, rich taste with less acidity,” says Bowron. “It’s been perfected to a standard that Fitz himself would approve.” To find out how Fitz Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect addition to give your operation an authentic coffee house and bistro feel, click here.