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It’s 2022 and coffee consumption continues to surge.

People who drank coffee within the past day in 2022.

Americans drink an estimated 517 million cups of coffee per day which is around 2 cups of coffee per day per person​.

The case for less traditional coffee beverages.

In 2022, gourmet coffee beverages reach an all-time high.


62% share

Specialty and Non-specialty

38% share

Non-gourmet coffee

*”regular coffee” brewed from gourmet coffee beans.
Source: 2022 NCDT

Consumers who enjoy espresso-based beverages reaches an
all-time high in 2022.

Source: 2022NCDT

Cold brew coffee is becoming a consumer favorite in 2022.

Coffee away from home

Around the clock coffee consumption

Consumers that got their coffee during breakfast

What did consumers choose to drink in the past day

Consumers that chose to drink specialty coffee
Consumers that chose to drink an espresso-based beverage

Source: 2022 NCDT

out of home

Popular specialty espresso-based beverages drank in the last week

  • 60% out of home

  • 42% RTD bottles

  • 28% prepared at home

  • 15%  Cappuccino

  • 17%  Latte

  • 16%  Espresso

  • 13%  Cafe Mocha

Source: 2022 NCDT

Tea Consumption


4 in 5 consumers drink tea, with Millennials driving tea consumption ​

(over 87% of Millennials drink tea)

Source: Tea Association of the USA

of Americans drink tea on a daily basis.
of the tea consumed in the US is iced tea!

Tea is becoming the go-to beverage in America

Ready-to-drink tea continues to grow through 2022

Growth of

Source: Tea Association of the USA


Bagged and loose leaf tea has grown 18%


Source: Tea Association of the USA

Canned and bottled teas grew 4.4%


Source: WorldTeaNews

The US is the only western country to grow in both tea imports and consumption and continues to be the third largest importer of tea in the world.

The South and Northeast have the highest concentration of tea drinkers

Source: Tea Association of the USA

Despite COVID and its impact on Foodservice, both green and black tea imports are on the rise since 2020

of consumed tea is black tea
(black tea has grown 6% vs. 2020)
was green tea

High-end specialty teas continue to grow as consumers want to indulge in quality, straight from origin products

Source: Tea Association of the USA